Nigeria’s return to democratic rule in 1999 was amid divergent views and antithetical conclusions by local and foreign observers. The sustainability, even feasibility, of democracy in Nigeria was widely debated and mostly doubted. Some loudly opined that the country had no destiny with democracy, hence the futility of any effort thereof. Some others reined briefly in their denunciations, only watching with bated breath for the country’s democratic experiment, which to them was a disaster-in-progress, to eventually explode.

I consider it quite pertinent and apt to bare my mind this time on the show of shame between two brothers from the same geopolitical zones. On one side is a politician with the seal of government fiat and the other is a traditional ruler with the backing of his people of Obinugwu and the authority of law. The former currently occupies a tenured political office while the letter sits on a somewhat permanent traditional stool.  Both of them hail from Orlu zone and were friends before they were separated by the politics of 2011 Imo Governorship election.

There was a story of one rich man who suspected that he would die any moment because he was old and suffering from a terminal disease which his Doctors had confirmed  it to be incurable. So the man felt he needed to give his only son and heir apparent a life saving advice because he feared his wealth was so much for his only son to handle after his exit on Earth. He was visibly afraid of his relations, kinsmen, business partners, friends and his neighbors because he feared that they might swindle and deceive his son when he died.

Months back i wrote an article lambasting the Sony Records act Davido of disastrously leaving the scene for competitors to take his African throne. The singer on his part made fans realize the fault was not all his but rather his materials were being withheld by his new management Sony Records. The year 2016 ended on a relatively low key mode for him as he payed the price for not dropping any material for a lengthy period totaling eleven odd months by missing out on all major awards.

As the race for 2019 general elections races closer with speed, some aspirants with different political aspirations have started getting ready. Although, PDP which is the major opposition party in the Country and in Imo state  is still intractably engrossed in intra party leadership warfare with Markarfi and Sheriff together with their teaming supporters getting soaked in their political blood like the proverbial dog and Babbon (Apology to Buhari).