By Nwamkpa Modestus

I may have to disappoint the expectations of some of my fans or readers who might expect me to delve into full discussion concerning the actual health situation of our President Muhammadu Buhari. I will not entirely do that not because of any other thing but mainly because I do not have the facts of the matter. As I write, I am not even aware of the actual Hospital that our President is neither do I have the details of his health status.

Good morning world. Many times I have seen people write about their crush, their idol and people they cherish so much. I doubt if I have ever penned down how much I adored anyone, but today, I will do it and I'm directing it to Oladunni Churchill, Tonto Dike's husband.

Churchill, when I first heard about you and Tonto, I was full of envy and jealousy. This is because obviously, I'm not from the elites family like the Obasanjos. And because money can buy different kinds of love and mine can't buy the kind yours would, if you know what I mean..

   By Nwamkpa Modestus

Let me start this essay, the first for the year by saluting numerous of my fans and believers in my gospel via this medium. I send you all good tidings and wish you all a prosperous new year. I thank God that we all made it this year hale and hearty in spite of the challenges of 2016. Arguably, last year was the most difficult year to my people and many families in Nigeria. The country was afflicted with many economic and political challenges or sicknesses. But top on the list of the challenges was the recession which had with it many traumatizing and hardship packages. Workers and pensioners, I am sure will not forget last year in a hurry. Prices of goods and services including foodstuff went up astronomically almost beyond the reach of many people. Transportation cost became too high. Dollar exchange to naira soared over the roof. Generally, there were cries, complaints, lamentations, anger and frustrations in the land.

   By Nwamkpa Modestus
    The Imo police command appears to be frustrating the case involving the cold bloodied shooting of late Friday Nduka from Oguta LGA who was shot dead on 22nd December,  2016 by a trigger happy police Inspector Micheal Edem of Imo police command but who was attached as a security guard at the NNPC filling station Control post Owerri.  The parents of the late Mr Nduka expressed displeasure with what they called the antics of the police who they said has since abandoned the family without any serious effort being put in place to either arrest the culpable police Inspector Mike Edem or appease the family.

I just love Imo State for one thing – The sentiment, the passion and in most cases, how clueless some people can be.

This is not my business, but I think it is the duty of people like us in the media to make people see what is truly happening and not just bumping out one sided press release that speaks nothing but the content of a ‘principal’.