By Gilbert IKechukwu
Obviously enveloped in a high-staked status; giving opportunities that determine much and empower to inebriation, somehow he still manages self-composure, which is dependent not on any institution or position rather on an innate composition, selfless in standing! He could have been something else but the state Deputy Governor. Yet as destiny would have it, today he is the Deputy Governor! Like salt that refuses to lose its taste, His Excellency, Prince Eze Madumere, hasn’t changed much a bit; he still is like the guy next door, always ready to mingle, accommodate and listen!

An autonomous community is seen as a beneficial and innocuous sore of home rule that is crucial for Igbo and indeed, for the wider Nigerian political, economic and Social development. With the onset of British colonial administration, the political independence of Igbo towns was complete by undermined, for both administrative convenience and imperial necessity, these towns had to be brought under the control of the British imperial power. Politically, economically and socially, they were progressively integrated into the lager Nigerian state. That towns was, in itself, a measure of their relevance. Effective control of towns supported the control of the colonial Nigerian state.

That Heartland Football Club of Owerri has been relegated to the lower division of the Nigeria league after the 2015/2016 season is no longer news. And that the body overseeing the league, the League Management Committee LMC, has fined the Owerri based club, the sum of N3m is also no new story. But what irkes Imolites is how their darling team was allowed by those charged with the affairs of the club to go into relegation. What went wrong? Many of them are asking.

By Dr. Ifeanyi Ekenasi

No one book, nor a compilation, no one project, nor one event can tell it all about the man the nation gathered in numbers to celebrate on October 7, 2016. Indeed, with glamour, pomp and pageantry the nation did and for good reasons too. The celebration was unique in many respects. First ever time a Deputy Governor is so celebrated in the presence of his boss. Although this boss takes the greater credit for this state of affairs due to his accommodating, trusting and large-hearted nature. With know the Executive Governor of Imo State Owelle Dr. Rochas Okorocha as an embodiment of these virtues.

Getting into the higher institution usually represents the zenith of education aspirations for an average Nigerian youth, be it a University, College of Education or Polytechnic. Before they get in, expectations are filled with frivolous fantasies but are faced with the actual reality when they eventually gain admission. They have to contend with the rancor of settling into  completely new way of life  while juxtaposing it with staying afloat with their hectic educational schedule. To put it in the simplest relate-able phrase "COLLEGE LIFE IS VERY TOUGH"!!!