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Last time was a talk on how possible it would be for us to change our mentality towards our home grown artistes (local artistes), because they are all we have here and now as I write, I've seen the path to that possibility. The Hot 99.5 FM's Easter Rave has justopened that door for all of us to believe in what we have down here.

ayubaImo State entertainment industry has not seen so much growth, probably because we misunderstand certain words. One of those words is 'local'.
When we hear local in this part of the world, we believe we are going to see something cheap, low in quality produced with substandard equipment. Nothing local is original here and this mentality has made us destroy things we could have helped build. We have also ignored things that could have saved us and today we are paying the price.


HardyIt's a brand new year and I'm so glad to be sharing with us once again. 2011 no doubt broughtits pains and glories but I dwell in the glories.


2011 saw a new administration in our state and we also witnessed one of the most interesting electoral scenes this state has ever seen. His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha emerged governor. Congrats to Imolites.

Anyone observing the scene from sideline would wonder if these guys will ever get to the so called promise land. The land where 'wanna-bes'  become musician, the land where musicians turn stars and celebrities. We eagerly await that moment, a time that plenty who are monitoring the hip-hop  genre of the industry here in Owerri will consider not being far from now.
High life and bongo musicians have really done well compared to the hip-hop and gospel singer in Owerri, with the likes of Sunny bobo, Ugo Stevenson, Dr Sir Foreigner, and the rest of them  going all the way to set the pace in this recent time after Oriental brothers and Peacocks had put Imo State on the map of the music world.