Today, the people out of greed and love of money have evolved a system that has completely eroded Igbo values and destroyed the Igbo kindred spirit, development conscious spirit and love for selfless service and competition which Igbo’s are known for, thereby encouraging a new ethos of mediocrity, exploitation and self-service, forgetting that a people who seeks to stall its progress in consideration of personal, party or other irrelevant interests also hastens the pace of its own destruction.

Nigeria is not an exceptional in the recent dreaded crunch that has plagued the economy in a claustrophobic situation pending the passage and implementation of the 2016 Budget which has overstayed its time barge. The swift revolution became prevalent since the supreme power of governance shifted to the All Progressive Congress Party the economy is dwindling. We shall endure my humble prayer before long this unpleasant wind of change will be a bygone.

This is to inform the general public and followers of of the latest changes/developments on the website.

1.    The name of the website which used to be O’town Gist Entertainment will henceforth be cut down to just ‘O’town Gist’ or ‘Otown Gist’.

Permit my crude manufacture/borrowing of the word "womanity". Its in a bid to create a connection between the feminist,the mother and the true woman.

A woman, is a creature that is different from a man. A beautiful creature primed for the rare gift of motherhood. A helper who isn't subdued in the house. A driven creature who strives to reach her heights for a better society,to become a better mother and not to emasculate men. The person who balances the society with love and calmness.

You are a lady, you are always scantily clad, you love being called sexy.Nudity is your selling point.  Sexy means "sexually attractive". Your ambition is to be sexually attractive. You define a man by how much he has. The prettier you are, the  more you feel you feel you deserve richer men. A dependent mentality. You want to be treated like a woman, you want preferential treatment, you want the man to be a man, alive to his responsibilities. Yet, you are a feminist, you want to be equal to a man. You are a fraud! 

For all you feminists, if you have real honesty in you. If you understand the true meaning of a woman, then you should be advocating for the ban of Gay marriage anywhere in the world. Gay marriage is a thief stealing the one true unique gift God gave exclusively to women. 

Gay marriages, especially a Male-Male union implies that the kids raised are being denied the right to have a mother. Whether the child was adopted or manufactured, I consider him/her unlucky. Considering his family,his sexual orientation will tend towards homosexuality. Chances are that he might end  up gay and in such marriage too. This means that in years to come, straight marriages may be hard in such societies. Motherhood diminishing. The remaining straight ladies seeking equality to  men in all spheres. 

Forgive me, but  the only way to be totally equal to a man is by  marrying a woman and having kids by whatever means. The result, modern women consisting of nude girls, feminists and gays.

Make no mistake, women should aspire as much as the men,reach their maximum potentials, have equal rights etal. But whoever is teaching you that you can totally be a man or play the man is fooling you and humanity.

If you are a true woman, You should be against Gay marriage. It is a legal daylight robbery of your one true right. The one thing that makes you superior to a man.


Dear sister, 90 percent of all high class feminist are gay. They can't see anything wrong with this. Wake up.

This is a  gradual Extinction of 'womanity'!!

Shout out to the real true women left out there!!

If I don't tell you the truth, who will? (EI)

By Ebubechukwu Ibecheozo

This is not good but true because I often watch some upcoming entertainers sulking because the media does not look their way unless they pay heavily. Their concern is that sometimes a simple outfit of a celebrity makes headline on the media while their achievements which are supposed to be more important are overlooked.