The primary reason for doing music is for the money and the eventual fame that comes with it, although after a couple singles, artistes go for interview and say they do music for the passion. Maybe passion is the ignition, but money and fame is the fuel. That being said, the essence of making music is the direct conversion to fame and money. For music to convert to fame and money, one major key is PROMOTIONS.

There isn’t any hard and fast rule to music promotions, often times what works for artiste A might not work for artiste B, but some things are just essentials.

It was an early morning drive to Eko hotels, in the usual traffic around Onikan are the Cd hawkers. I beckoned at one of them to hand me a copy of 9ice’s new album Id Cabasa. We had a slight argument as regards the price as a CD in traffic is customarily N150, i wanted to know why Id Cabasa will cost me N200.

After a few banters, i had to part with my N200 while he did his CD.

In the words of the Governor of Imo state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, “he is a man who fights for nothing yet gets everything….” A remark made in his introductory speech to usher in the nation’s number two citizen and the Acting President of Nigeria, His Excellency Yemi Osinbajo, to the podium before a mammoth crowd which came out en-masse to receive him at the Imo International Convention Center (IICC). Clearly it was a statement directed at the Acting President but,  however it appeared to have also strayed to not just Osinbajo but another like Osinbajo!

I am not trolling Kelly Hansome, but this is me asking one simple question because I have the right to do that. I want to first of all congratulate the rebranded Kelly Hansome especially on the successful release of his EP titled ‘4Play’.

Now knock the flattering off and move to business. Kelly Hansome is one gift to Nigeria music industry and a pride of Imo State and no one can take it from him. Putting the past and other bla bla bla aside, this rejuvenated Kelly Hansome has also shown that despite being out for a while, his parley with the legends of Afro Pop in Nigeria has remained very active.

By Nwamkpa Modestus

I welcome you once again to today’s episode of your weekly tonic which normally takes its root or has its foundation erected on Truth, the only Truth and nothing but the Truth. I chose to bare my mind or show my people the direction I may take in eventuality of me becoming Governor tomorrow. Who said that I cannot be  Governor of this state one day?  After all, politics is the only business that can convert you from nobody today to somebody tomorrow as long as God and providence looked towards your direction. We have seen such scenario played out in some states even in Imo state in the past. So why not?