I am not trolling Kelly Hansome, but this is me asking one simple question because I have the right to do that. I want to first of all congratulate the rebranded Kelly Hansome especially on the successful release of his EP titled ‘4Play’.

Now knock the flattering off and move to business. Kelly Hansome is one gift to Nigeria music industry and a pride of Imo State and no one can take it from him. Putting the past and other bla bla bla aside, this rejuvenated Kelly Hansome has also shown that despite being out for a while, his parley with the legends of Afro Pop in Nigeria has remained very active.

The release of ‘4play’ has had Kelly perform in many states of the country and recently I heard over the radio that he came to Owerri and that wasn’t so funny at all.

How can a legend return on the radio?
That would be my first question, but like I said this is not for trolling sake. Kelly is a legend as long as afro pop is concerned especially in Imo State and even when we know that the radio stations are good to make the noise, what happened to blogs, billboards and the streets.
The city of Owerri didn’t know there son was coming home.

Is Kelly Hansome scarce?
Yes! So unfair he was made here and yet very scarce here. Kelly Hansome was launched here and I don’t see anything wrong with relaunching here again. I mean doing something for the people that have/had his back.
I don’t mean he should be very available like N20 busicuit but when he is around, people need to know and people need to feel it.

How about the streets?
You can’t shoot without pulling the trigger and that brings us to my main question. We know Kelly Hansome, the Prince of Ala Owerri was once gone, when will he come? Will it be after ‘4Play’? or when he will be releasing an album or just anything else that will be going down.
He was made in the street and when every artiste understands that he needs all those Table for 4 and 6 things to put money in their pocket, how about the streets that stand all night to cheer. The streets that disturb their neigbours with your songs; the Douglass boys that wouldn’t let us answer calls in peace on the street because they are playing his songs.
How about the kids who look up to him on the street but cannot afford table for 2, 3 or 4. Will they ever see this brand new Kelly Hansome?

When will Kelly Hansome come?
Kelly Hansome needs to come to the streets, call it grand reception; call it anything you like, but the people who have been carrying his matters like Gala on their heads need to have a feel of their boy who has gone all the way. I am just waiting for that day and I know there are some others who will be waiting for it.

Dear Kelly Hansome,
I am Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

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