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Imo State born rapper Acharaman has done what he has never done before by releasing his first musical video despite being in the industry for over a decade.

Acharaman who around 2011 was among the breed that started the new hip-hop revolution in Imo State with his famous track ‘Relax’ has struggled to match that initial form, with his last two or three singles not catching the raves associated with ‘Relax’ and it’s remix which was done with 2Shots and Ruff Coin in 2012.

When Suspense Babani was asked when H20 will break up, he said they have broken up before, but ended up coming back together when they realized that there was actually no issues between them.

Rapper Owudiwe Regis aka LMG should certainly have something with the word ‘bottle’ having had it in two of his last three singles.

The always controversial rapper has moved his creativity to yet another level with the release of his first single in 2017 which was accompanied by a funny but creative photo-shoot.

To any fan of the prolific rapper, LMG, his recent single ‘Bottle Us’ might be his most serious single, following the recent moves to promote the song.

LMG who recently released the single, embarked on club tours at Las Vegas Lounge and Orange Room.

The CEO of JabbyEx a Crypto Currency trading platform, Mr. Chijioke Nwaneri has revealed that he intends to use entertainment to create strong awareness of their products and services.

Mr. Nwaneri who in few months of launching his platform has seen a tremendous success, said there is still more to be done and they tend to use partnerships with entertainment companies and brands to promote the relevance of crypto currencies in today’s economy.