Floxy might not have had the best 2016, but she is definitely putting that behind with the shooting of the video for her single ‘Much Pain’.

Speaking in Owerri, Imo State during the video shoot, Floxy said everything is falling in place again and she is just looking forward to things being okay for her, just like a ‘perfect artiste’. She added that things have been a little off for her, but everyone knows how the country is.

In view to aid promote entertainment in Nigeria, the multi-award winning producer, Yung Roc who has in past and recent times , made a lot of changing moves geared towards promoting young talents , has  introduced a TV program called cypher Fridays.

The remains of late Imo State born rapper Ikenna Ogbaegbe aka Dawn Tawn will be laid to rest on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at his home town Obodoukwu Autonomous Community, Ideator North Local Government Area of Imo State.

A release by the family has it that a funeral service will be held at Ekulieaka family compound in Obodoukwu Autonomous Community while internment will follow at same venue.

It was a fun filled day for DJ Paky’s household as they dedicated their first child, but it was more fun for the guest who watched the DJ and leader of Dancers in Imo State beat the wife on the dance floor.

As a DJ and dancer, many were expecting to see a little bit of that in his wife, but she was the opposite of that as guests at the event watched DJ Paky try to no avail to tap her up to dance.

Artistes and fans of late rapper Dawn Tawn have blasted the actions of some radio stations in the state to put the song of the late Net Boi Gang leader on replay, calling it an act of hypocrisy.

Many people took to the social media to criticize the decisions of these radio stations who dedicated a lot of time in talking about the life and works of the artiste; when nothing was said about him when he was alive.