Chetachukwu Uzochukwu is his name and Dj Chet is what everyone calls him, born in Anambra State and now in Owerri for university education at Imo State University, Dj Chet found himself another lover in music which made him leave the Mass Communication that initially brought him to the heartland state.
Acclaimed as one of the young producers with talent in the country, Dj Chet has followed the same path which the likes of J Martins took to be a producer and artiste. He is a member of Conclusion, a group that was at the fore front of the industry years back.

The change in  the hip-hop genre in Owerri is taking another turn as artistes approach music from different angle. Some do the hardcore rap, while others keep it soft and clean and just because hip-hop has been categorized as secular music the majority of citizens here are Christians.
Naut-B has put-up his argument, saying that hip-hop is still gospel if what the music is preaching is goodness.

The Owerri based duo De Dukes have stepped out to say that their absence from the media recently is not because nothing is happening around them. The hip-hop and dance group of two said that they have been doing underground work on their album as well as promotion, stating that it has been work all the way on a new single 'shekpe' and a second video.

Dawn TawnOwerri hip-hop genre has come to be a unique one because almost all the top artistes are graduates while some are in Post Graduate school. With the like of Gneneral Sleezy, Seaflow, CyndyO, Acharaman, CyphaTyte, Harmony as graduates, while X-buster, Kenny Cee  and others as undergraduates the quality of creativity in the industry is expected to be high and this has somehow scared away those who cannot measure up with others in terms of education, even when they have the talent.

cyndyoOwerri has welcomed back an artiste who left the music scene since 2007 to face her education at Imo State Univerty Owerri.
Unlike others who would combine education and music, Onuoha Cynthia Uche aka CyndyO chose to do only education until now. Having graduated from Mass Communication Department of the university, she went back to the studio, planning on taking the state muisc industry by storm.