Afro pop singer Miss Ebe Blossom Obianuju aka Blossy has floated an NGO, Next Generation Initiative, where she helps to encourage school children to read and write.

According to the singer who made her debut into the music industry last year, their mission is to bring to limelight the relevance of helping a child acquire reading and writing skills at their early school experience,  and they do so by talking to kids and  donating the books to them.

“We’ve already kicked off”, she said while talking to www.otowngist.com, adding that “What we want to achieve is unique because we have just few wide readers and natural writers in the younger generation. It’s a tough one because most of the times, the kids can’t lay their hands on books and that alone can kill the reading passion in our children”

Speaking further, Blossy said that what she is doing is not a brand new passion but something that has been there and she will do everything possible to make a difference in her time. She further revealed that they have already given out tons of children literatures and resources for young writers, adding that they would be visiting more schools as more books arrive.

“We are focusing on Primary and Junior Secondary Schools at the moment and maybe someday, we will expand to other levels. Right now we want to catch the younger one before they make up their minds against the books and writing.

“As we get books and other resources from our sponsors, we’ll be visiting more schools while we are also looking at other events that will help sensitize kids to read and write more.

“The whole thing is worth it, which is why we call on people to join us in saving our next generation”, she added.

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