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US based Afro pop rapper VILLE drops another smothering banger titled Shikki-bambam which is a total deviation from his regular style.  A blend of Afro beat, Makossa and Soukous. Cool, sweet and catchy for both the old and the young featuring rapper King_Kimbo.

The management of Houston Texas based record label, Franco Records has issued a warning to the general public on their prodigal artiste Abizzy Bangura whom they said have gone against the contract he [Abizzy] signed with them [Franco Records] in 2013.

Vreezy Ville

Vreezy Ville of Franco Records drop the most anticipated video as it is hot for the viewing delight of his fans all over the world.
The video, which shows the wide spreading Olopyto Dance is a masterpiece haven been shot by Hefemi Studios in Houston, Texas USA.

By Lady B Bless
Recorded over 8 years ago, when Mr. Ice’s producer Shy B felt it was a good idea for him to explore his vocal range. "Looking Out" is a tribute to good old fashion music, a time when artiste took the time to write a good song, songs that would last a lifetime and be sang over and over again. Going thru the track list, we find some oldies but goodies as well as some more modern day favorites. 

Get acquainted with the latest dance step as the Olopyto master Vreezy Ville drops the teaser of his new dance trend called ‘OLOPYTO’.
The Franco Records signee is poised to make this the new dance on the streets in Africa & America.