Former SA to Governor Rochas Okorocha on Youth Affairs, Hon. Emma Duru has rejoined his family in Canada in a bid to mark his 2015 birthday with them.

Hon. Duru who shared pictures of himself and his family at the airport, showed how happy he was, having spent much time in Nigeria without them.

A gem has been described as a precious stone, one that is outstandingly beautiful which glitters like a star.

Thursday 26th November marked the birth anniversary of one of the most magnificent young men, a gem and a giver of hope.  An individual who against all odds has shown like a priceless jewel, one that has become a bubble to the lives of so many. It is not common to find many young Nigerians who are below 40 and have already achieved so much to have their names in the indelible inks of history especially in these tough times.