It takes extra steps to make an ordinary man extraordinary and that is the case of popular social commentator, Chinagorom Christopher whom friends, family and fans are celebration today Wednesday February 22, 2017, which is his birthday.

Having remained one of the most prominent faces in the Owelle Must Continue OMC Movement, he has absorbed all bombardments of the opposition parties on the social media to remain with his principal Governor Rochas Okorocha of the APC.

One of such people to wish him well is the SA on Entertainment and Public Affairs to Imo State Governor, Hon. Chukwunonye Iruno who described him as a true emblem of reliability and dependability as well as great lion of the tribe of social media jungle.

He said; “You, Chinagorom Christopher, have remained steadfast in your conviction, concentration and commitment to the ideals of the rescue mission government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. You have continued to absorb all the social media bullets and bombardment, and also overtly and covertly rejected all enticements to betray your rescue mission principal.

Indeed, you are a true emblem of reliability and dependability, very deserving of commendable encouragement. It is my prayer that God will use the people you praise to raise you as you mark your birthday today. God will crown your efforts and use same to demonstrate that it pays to be consistently good. You are ingeniously humble and focused, you don't shiver nor quiver even in the face of tempting despondency”

The birthday celebration will be held at Bongo Center Owerri, Imo State by evening.

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