In line with the columns mission which is objectivity in reportage and unbiased write-ups Campus Voice stormed the serene environment of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri to verify the authenticity in the above caption.
Campus Voice has received it hot as far as phone call is concerned; students of the polytechnic have called to register their own version of the story and as expected, each version always disagrees with the other as everyone narrated from his point of view.

The team of Campus Voice arrived at the school on Wednesday last week and with the collaboration of our correspondent in the school, we were able to interview and get the thoughts of some students in the school, who from what they said were eye witness to the unpleasant drama that took centre stage.
One of the students we interviewed, who simply introduced himself as pilot said that a young boy in his mid twenties was monitoring a particular lecturer and his car, when the said lecturer alerted from his car and went straight to his office, the young man who according to pilot, was not a student of the school, had to open the door of the lecturers car with “magic key” and was making way with the car before some students who were busy calculating the young man's move alerted the security men on duty at the school gate.
The young man, knowing that his game was up owning to the vibrant and pragmatic reactions from both students and security as the school gate was locked to prevent the young man from driving the car out of the school compound, had to do it the hard way by using the car to jam the gate which tore the gates apart and equally inflicted serious damage on the car, having succeeded in crossing the first hurdle, he was not aware that a second hurdle awaits it as a bus was intentionally parked carelessly to block the road.
The young man (name withheld) seeing that there was no way out had to come out to take on his heels before the security men had to fire him with their guns and they have been a caused for ovation for the security men but pilot told us that the young man couldn't survive the gun shots and died as a result which leaves much to be desired from the security personnel of the school.
An insider and a top hierarchy of the school who pleaded anonymity when contacted said that the young man is still alive and that he is in the police custody but when we quired to know when last he saw or heard about the boy, he urged us to contact the public relations officer of the police, Imo State command. As at the time of this report, efforts to reach the PPRO proved abortive.

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