The authorities of the Federal University of Technology Oweri (FUTO) have denied the existence of any secret pact or deal between the Vice- Chancelor, Prof. Chigozie C. Asiabaka and the Executive Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha over the general election of 2015.

In a release signed by the Deputy Registrar/ Co-ordinator, Information, Publications and Public Affairs Unit of FUTO, Chike Ezenwa, the authorities, described as faceless writers, the authors of such purported or concocted electoral deal.
Drawing reference to what they described as a most bizarre, blatant and nauseating piece of fiction or figment of their hallucinating imagination, what appeared in one of the local tabloids of Wednesday March 11, 2015 was designed to attack the unassailable reputation of Asiabaka.
The release also referred to the authors as “bereft of any iota of truth, ideas, decorum or credibility but driven by mindless concoction of absolute falsehood ostensibly with the sinister objective of dragging the name of the Vice Chancellor into the murky water of partisan politics in Imo State.
They gave as another plausible motive by the so called dubious writers as the intention to misrepresent and portray Prof. C.C Asaiabaka in bad light before the federal government and one of its agencies the INEC for some self serving reasons or inordinate ambition of their paymasters, among the politicians.
Further, Chike Ezenwa, dismissed the spurious allegations by hirelings of some politicians who attempted to disparage the name and person of Prof. Chigozie Asiabaka with such puerile allegations or insinuations that he has blood relations with Governor Okorocha with whom he has allegedly held meetings clandestinely to fine true rigging strategies as nonsensical and unsubstantiable. Not done with such unverifiable allegation, they accused Governor Rochas Okorocha of attempt to foist Asiabaka on INEC as the returning officer in the fast approaching election as if he is the National Chairman of the electoral umpire or its General Overseer and supervisor.
However FUTO authorities went viral with their defense of their Princial dubbing the advert tales by moon light arguing that Prof. C.C Asiabaka is not in any way related to Okorocha either by ties of consanguinity or social bond or cult. They insisted that at no time had their paths crossed politically, needlessly to talk of holding nocturnal meeting on the forth coming elections.
Prof. Asiabaka the authorities posited, has instead remained focused and deeply committed to the development and upgrading of facilities at the university. As a result, the university campuses have witnessed multi-dimensional gigantic and monumental leap which has become the envy of his detractors and those who sought to undermine him hence their resort to cheap propaganda and blackmail employing the absurd and pedestrian with impurity to rubbish one of the erudite scholars and kingpin of intellectualism of our time.
They recalled that when the Imo State government annexed 75% of FUTO in 2013, the V.C, Prof. C.C Asiabaka rose up to the occasion and resisted the criminal annexation until the Imo State government were dazed and forced to  reverse itself and return the land to FUTO. It was as a result of this stiff opposition against the antics of Owelle Rochas Okorocha, that the authorities of FUTO consider as beyond rhyme and reason and indeed most uncharitable, wicked callous, devilish or demonic and provocative the current attempt to smear the person and office of Prof. C.C Asiabaka with such malicious favour and fabricated allegation of fiendish proportion. They also gave as reason for the clarification of any doubts the mere fact that Asiabaka has no iota of political ambition as he is currently engaged and pre-occupied by the high demand of his office as Vice- Chancellor of FUTO. A position that has afforded him the unique opportunity to transform the academic and physical milieu of the Ihiagwa located FUTO. 
They therefore prayed the entire public to discountenance with and ignore such acts of brigandage and banditry orchestrated by those masquerading as politicians whose business is to heat up the polity. 


Courtesy: Community Watchdog Newspaper

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