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There are only two words to describe what took place at Imo Polytechnic on 4th March 2015, BRUTALITY AND INHUMANITY.
Gathering at the popular school pavilion, students wondered what could have warranted this sudden and impromptu call from the number one citizen of the school (Rector) Rev. Fr. Dr. Wence Madu. It was at the gathering that the Rector broke the ugly and unfortunate news to the students which has to do with the wicked murder of a security man in the school, whose name has not been made public courtesy of investigations going on behind the stage. gathered that the unfortunate story started early in the morning when the corpse of the security man was seen lying down at his duty post, one conspicuous discovery was that his gun was not at anywhere within sight which suggests that it is either the killer killed him with his own gun or that he was shot at and the killer made away with his gun.
More revelations from the sketchy story reveal that at around 11.30PM in the night, the school experienced power failure. However, can reveal that the killer made his way through the fence as that is the only way to access the school compound apart from the gates.
The hole in the man's body has laid credence that he was killed by the bullet and before people could come to his rescue, he was already in the pool of his blood. Different versions of the occurrence have been flying around the school campus since then though with none suggesting who could have masterminded the plan to kill the security man.
Another trouble started brimming when the kinsmen of the deceased whom learnt were from Umuagwo, in a show of grief and bitterness wanted to disrupt the school activities the next day. It took the timely intervention of the school personnel security who locked the gate against them until their frayed nerves were calmed and they went into dialogue with the school management.
They were promised by the school management that the case will not be treated with kid glove and that the police have not only been alerted but are also on top of the matter. Some students who spoke to expressed optimism that the school management led by Rev. Wence Madu will fish out the culprit and make sure that he/she faces the full wrath of the law.    
However, when contacted the school authority told that the security man died at the hospital he was taken to immediately after the incident. The school authority confided to that the school is working in synergy with the Nigeria Police to bring to book the culprit.

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