Apparently, the information gathered reveals that ace comedian cum actor, Anyinofu Kelechi Ashley otherwise known as MC Ash is currently bereaved.
This comedian, who is mourning his ex-girlfriend by name Chinwe, didn’t give memory a space even when their relationship never lasted till her death, recently paid glowing tributes few days after the pronouncement of her exit.
Died of cancer of the blood, Chinwe hailed from Abia state and was a student of Imo State University before her death. Reflecting on the moments they spent together, MC Ash wrote on his facebook page:

They say wonders shall never end and this was the case of the man whom our camera man caught sleeping for a period estimated to be more than an our while Deejay Saquo Star Nite was going.
The funny thing is that he never woke up despite the high volume of the speakers and loud screams by the crowd the event.

mc egbeigwe comedian

Comedian MC Egbeigwe might have succeeded in sending this blackberry broadcast, but the remains of the message which was sent to his BlackBlerry Messenger contacts will either follow him or entertain his fans more.

The Imo State University [IMSU] graduate used the message to announce to his fans that a new movie he featured in has been released and below is the image for your assessment.

Photo: See MC Banana Mouth beating up a Banana seller

This picture was posted on facebook, showing comedian, MC Banana Mouth trying to hit a Banana seller in Owerri while MC T-Boy and King Frank watches.
Theirs is not point in asking if it was photoshoped, and the question will be, why would he want to beat up a banana seller?

Comedian Prince White drops this grammatically hilarious video tagged Presidential Campaign.
If you want to lighten up with laughter, this is the video for you.

MC Banana Mouth and tboy

MC TBoy, who just celebrated his birthday on Valentine’s Day eve at Valencia Lounge Owerri, sent a BlackBerry broadcast about an unfair treatment he and his colleague MC Banana Mouth received at a certain branch of Winners Chapel in Owerri which they visited as new members on Sunday.

On a certain day, a young man Akpos was broke and the only money he had with him was N100 alongside, N1455 whicht was left in his account.
Happily Akpos decided to use his last two lifelines by using the N100 to transport himself to the bank so that he can withdraw the last N1000 which an ATM machine can allow him take.