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Lol…… O’town lekwanum  anya o!
I know some of you may have seen this picture before.
Ok, the thing wrong with this picture is the spelling errors in the men. Check out “plain rice with chicken” is that chicken there on ghost mode? I mean for the rice to be labeled plain. Lol……

Akpos went for a talent hunt show, without reading the poster.
When he was called on, the judges said, Akpos give us a joke, with something that is a surprise that did not turn out to be surprising.
After thinking for a while, Akpos smiled and said.
“Na una say make I talk am oh” and the following were what he said.

Prince White

I have moved round the country, gone to so many places, see how things are done and what hardship and poverty does to people. So I was meant to understand that 2 things are involved in this life, especially when it comes to making success….
1.    It is either na God hold the money, or they do you juju for village;
If they do you juju for village, you are ok, because you can pray that one out, but if na God hold the money 2 things are involved.

Mc Ogene

As the city is taking a new shape with different event posters, comedian MC Ogene and his colleagues in the comedy world are not planning to be on the spectator’s seat while events are going on everywhere.
They have come up with an event they called Valentine Comedy Day. The event which will feature top comedians MC Banana Mouth, Mc Mr Mouth,  Mc Mr Comedy, Mc T Boy, MC OJ, Mc Stege, Mc Mikey and others, will be holding at De-Legend Hotels Owerri, from Thursday  February 14, down to  Sunday February 17, 2013 from 2:00pm till dawn daily.

A young of 35 who has been frustrated by girls because he could not gain admission into a tertiary institution, decided to confront a lady by cramming some words he felt could help him woo the girl with ease.
The following conversation took place:
John: Hello, you look beautiful
Lady: Hmmm... Thanks

By Flavian Igbokwe

1 And on that day when the Super Eagles had gathered in the burning bush against the Ethiopians of the eastern Desert, Keshi, the leader of the delegates gave directions to the people, but they listened not. 2 And Keshi knowing what awaited him at Abuja knelt down in his heart and cried unto the heaven saying "My God, my God, please do not forsake me, give me only one chance."

Dr Parotlaff

A rich man's son who was Akpos’ classmate told Akpos that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret and that it is  very easy to blackmail them by saying "I know the whole truth."
Akpos went home and decided try it out.
On greeting his mother, he said, "Mama, I know the whole truth."