By Chinwe Uzoechi

One fashion item you cannot take away from the feminine gender is the Headgear. From the popular Gele which is synonymous with every woman, a new trend has emerged for today's woman; it is the Turban headgear.

The organizer of the fashion reality show Culture Quest Nigeria 2012  has released that the four day programme which starts tomorrow  Wednesday May 23, 2012, will   end on Saturday, May 26, 2012 at Edinburgh Hotel Owerri with an all night fashion show.

Ladies with plus size now have hope of wearing a homemade designer as Nollywood's Adaora Ukoh launched her clothing line Adora Couture last weekend in Lagos.

Adaora has come to change the fact that many women of that size hardly find a fitting cloth to wear and there is no single doubt about his success as you can see his sexy models do their thing on the run way.

Who said being slim is a stamped criteria for modeling watch the pictures below and have a rethink.

Beauty pageants always see a controversial end because most of the contestants believe they were robbed off the crown which is the ultimate purpose for the contest.

Diamond Dice, the organization that put the Miss Royalty 2011 in Owerri has seen it all and have their ways of handling these issues.