If there were words to describe class, if human thoughts could pull down an angel then Queen Jecinta Okonkwo who is the Imo state Queen Nigeria 2016 has achieved this.
Her poise and grace in these pictures depict the qualities of a queen. Check out the ravishing beauty queen as she rides on a lens to totally imprison your thought and get you thinking of just her.

Veronique Adaa may not be a household name in Africa, but the actress and singer, who recently styled as beauty of the week, is poised for major success in France. We caught up with her in Paris to get all her beauty secrets.

Beautiful Veronique dress first and foremost for herself and for other women—rarely do she dress for men. Expressing her creativity through the way she dress is extremely important to her.  More than anything, it's about embracing sexy and style!

The reigning winner of Face of Igbo Heritage 2016, Queen Iwuoba Ogechukwu Blessing has said that some of today’s Igbo parents should be blamed should Igbo language go on extinction.

The young model described as appalling the way most parents forbid their children from speaking Igbo, the same language they were trained with it, prescribing education for parents who in most cases go as far as beating their children for speaking the language.

The sight of Nollywood Actress and former Imo State Chapter Chairperson of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Nneoma Ukpabi in a purple gown that pushed up her endowment, caused a huge distraction in the entire Imo International Convention Center IICC, Owerri, Imo State when Imo State Based Artiste League held a comic-gospel show tagged ‘Imo Laff Section’.

Multiple crown holding beauty queen, Judith Orisaekeziem has revealed that being called Igbotic is flattering because it makes have a sense of self-originality.

The Ebenato, Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State born beauty queen who was recently crowned Face of Igbo Heritage Imo Queen said this in chat as she recounted her experience in the camp which saw her emerge as one of the victorious models. She said the camp experience was a huge flashback on Igbo culture and heritage where they were taught who the Igbos really are.