Way back in Secondary School it was always easy to see names of past students on the walls and ceiling with inscriptions like ‘Acid was here’, ‘Don’t forget Mr White’ and others like them. But seeing that such still happen on the doors of rest room in hotels is funny.

With a picture Suaw Blaze surfacing on the internet earlier, On Air Personality and compere, Adannaya Ogu aka Ocheze has come out to say the news is threatening her relationship with Suaw Bleze whom she confessed to have a son for in a Whatsapp chat.

Ocheze who is uniquely endowed with size and features, further warned Kisha off ‘her man’ by writing "leave me boo alone" and then referring us to a Facebook post she made on Suaw Blaze’s birthday on May 20, 2017, calling the singer her ‘Baby Daddy’.

After the twists in the reports on blogs following a post on Facebook by Five Star Music artistes, Golden Chinedu Okafor aka XBusta, the singer should now understand that making coded statements has never helped celebrities, especially now that anybody can say anything on social media.

While most of the blogs reported that the Imo State born artistes has never released a song since he joined Five Star Music last year, the freestyle king never said anything like that.

When entertainers mingle, things happen and it was the case of this duo, Suaw Blaze and Kisha who are both singers and bloggers.

In what one of our reporters tagged ‘rocking rapour’ between them at the Imo International Convention Center IICC during the Endorsement of LadyG by Tuface and Now Music, it was reported that the duo were just all over each other which laid to these pictures being taken with all confidence.

Facebook became fun when some people for the sake of fun, made a list of top five ugliest celebrities in Imo State putting popular Hot 99.5 presenter OB Fado on the number one spot.

With OB Fado followed by Mc Tboy, Esure, Apostle Klin (onye na way ya) and then Chinedu Hardy Nwadike (chief Hardy).