I’m so happy we can review this week, so many songs to work on, but we just have to pick few and save the rest for the next edition.

This week, we have new songs from new artistes in the review, making it so interesting, but before we go down the review lane, let’s get a little gist about people that are around us.

Them say…. (no be me talk oh)

Area Father like he is fondly called, at 60 years, holds the record of being the eldest and most controversial entertainer in Nigeria and if you say I am wrong, get his opponent in the game let us count their points.
The genesis of his chronicle is all about controversy, from studying a different course from what his father asked him to study abroad,to all that has happened recently in his life, music and shows.

The actress who acted as a prostitute in a yet to be released Yoruba movie, “Ija Asewo” that had her breasts popped out in a location picture with actresses like Dayo Amusa, Sikira Sindodo, Doris Simeon and Laide Bakare has cried out that she is not a prostitute after the picture received comments on various entertainment websites in the country.

It has always been clear to everyone that no man has ever been seen reading from a blank page of any book, same thing applicable to celebrities whose life story is written on a 200 page book with most of them blank. Like this, they stay out of the media, because little or nothing is happening in their life.

The truth remains that no one has gone as far as the young man who started lowly as a dancer imitating Michael Jackson back in Madonna University.