From all indications, Imo State born rapper Onwudiwe Regis [aka LMG] is set to break his musical silence which has lasted more than 12 months.
The rapper who then despite not releasing a single in 2014 was crowned Artiste of the Year at the last edition of E-Celeb Award, released his last single towards the ending of 2013 and ever since has relied on collabos to remain afloat in the music industry.

Considering his size, no one will give him the opportunity to be the next hot celebrity, but music producer Benjamin Ashford popularly known as Benyjo is doing everything possible to look as hot as he can.
He has recently made morning gym part of his plan and never minds if business meetings and recordings are missed because of it.

Onwudiwe Regis aka LMG who is known to be one of the best lyricist in form as well as controversial rappers in the South East Zone of Nigeria is surely taking his recent outspoken nature on social media especially at Facebook, very serious.
The 2014 Artiste of the Year Award winner at E-Celeb Awards, had last year said he would be signing off Blackberry Messenger till further notice and just last month, he said he would be getting a tattoo of his mum’s face which we are yet to see. One thing about his posts have come to be that they are never jokes.

Getting on the spot is one thing and living the life that goes with it is another thing as in the case of single rapper Treasure Gold who gave us a picture of what her married life could look like in time to come.
Treasure Gold who said she is not yet ready for marriage now revealed that at the moment, she thinks that only a fellow artistes could understand her and at the right time, she is ready to settle down with one.

It might not be one of the best ways to start a year, but music producer Yung Roc chooses to start his by crying out to the public that a certain On-Air Personality, in Imo State, has been criticizing his jobs.
Yung Roc who expressed his displeasure via his Facebook account said he would not understand why someone would choose to cause damages on others for no reasons and even though he didn’t mention the name of the OAP in the said post, www.otowngist.com can authoritatively say that OAP whom we tagged ‘unknown OAP’ last report is Hot 99.5 FM’s OB Fado.