When this short clip of Henry Sopuluchukwu aka Cruz came online, banters were thrown as to the moral justification behind being proud with ‘making out’ with an almost naked girl, but the singer who is recently making a blend of highlife with pop and hip-hop said he is not disturbed by what people were saying.

After thorough investigation, it was revealed that the clips were made during the video shoot of one of his recent singles ‘Pray for me’ and with much querying, the Kings Music artiste said he is just in showbiz.

The most dramatic rapper in the entire south east, who has been off the scene in a while recently said he has kicked off a weight loss campaign for himself.

Having turned an online comedian/activist the rapper said: “I started my work out today...Losing much weight before a month time is the target!”

If you are a staunch follower of Onwudiwe Regis aka LMG on the social media, you will realize that the he is becoming more into a ‘nerdist’ (nerd) than a rapper.

The chocolate skinned rapper whose talents came into light in 2012 used to be a ghetto boy on the social media; after which he transformed to a comedian and now makes nothing other than ‘weed’ inspired posts.

It would always be a normal thing on the red carpet, but when Nollywood actress and former President Imo State chapter of Actors Guilt of Nigeria, Nneoma Ukpabi walked the isle of Imo International Convention Center Owerri, Imo State, attention was shifted from Emmy C who was ministering on stage to her irresistible boobs.

Often as a way of gaining attention, entertainers pull strings every now and then to get their names on the people’s lips. Rapper Don Spark is nothing far from it as he shared series of pictures of himself carrying the Bible.

Although it is a great thing to have him posing with the bible, but the composure and what he has done with the picture which has so far gained 36 likes is what is astonishing.