The most dramatic rapper in the entire south east, who has been off the scene in a while recently said he has kicked off a weight loss campaign for himself.

Having turned an online comedian/activist the rapper said: “I started my work out today...Losing much weight before a month time is the target!”

He also came up days after to say he will be heading back to the studio to record new songs, saying “Going back to Studio after a while, I know many have missed the #GoTuff vibe..... ! #Greater2017 #ItCanOnlyGetBetter”

Is this a coincidence? Losing weight and recording means, LMG is working on a ‘light weight track’ or maybe he is looking at having six pacs in his next art work.

But is it even possible for LMG to have 6 pacs? Is it easier for him to catch Flavor or Rick Ross? Bear and time will tell.

People who know him well will understand that it will take a lot of work to achieve that.

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