When this short clip of Henry Sopuluchukwu aka Cruz came online, banters were thrown as to the moral justification behind being proud with ‘making out’ with an almost naked girl, but the singer who is recently making a blend of highlife with pop and hip-hop said he is not disturbed by what people were saying.

After thorough investigation, it was revealed that the clips were made during the video shoot of one of his recent singles ‘Pray for me’ and with much querying, the Kings Music artiste said he is just in showbiz.

“I know people want to know what we do and why we do them. I know people want to understand everything but sometimes you just let certain things be. I know that I need to satisfy my fans by explaining certain things, but sometimes they have to wait for the right time before they can hear it”

“This is showbiz and sometimes things that seem ugly might come up; but it is still part of the business. I am not in for the ugly stuffs, but just in case they come up directly or indirectly, everyone should understand we’re never perfect beings. I am human just like everyone else”, he said.

Speaking on the ‘Pray for me’ video, he said; “Just wait for it; that’s all I can say at the moment. The pictures and videos that came up are best I can say at the moment, the rest will come with the finished video”

According to his management, the video which is being shot by Obio will be released in few weeks’ time.



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