After the twists in the reports on blogs following a post on Facebook by Five Star Music artistes, Golden Chinedu Okafor aka XBusta, the singer should now understand that making coded statements has never helped celebrities, especially now that anybody can say anything on social media.

While most of the blogs reported that the Imo State born artistes has never released a song since he joined Five Star Music last year, the freestyle king never said anything like that.

In a post where the artistes was talking about what it takes to have a hit song, he concluded by saying “I am not in a hurry to drop a song but when it drops una go love am”

Xbusta was unveiled at Five Star Music with the song ‘Mother Anybody’ and it will be wrong to say that the same artiste who released a video of the said song alongside another single with label mate Skibii has never released a song since he was signed to the E-Mony’s outfit last year.

XBusta has always struggled to reproduce the quality shows during freestyles in a real songs and aside the singles ‘Shomo’ and ‘Chom’, the rapper has not really had anything spectacular to his name.

With people like DJ Paky cashing into the moment to question XBusta’s loyalty to the streets that made him, the rapper should also understand that creating loop holes like this one will surely give everyone the opportunity to say what they have been holding back.

www.gistgate.com run by GreenBrain reported sour reactions from people on XBusta’s post, with the headline, ‘he needs help’, while many still argue that Xbusta does not have the wits to be a top label like Five Star Music.

Sometimes, the lecturer can be lectured and Xbusta has said all he can say about a hit song and why he is taking time to release another single, but what he didn’t say is that he has never released any single under Five Star Music.

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When we say a song has blown up, it means the song has crossed all borders and the song has catapulted the artiste from one level to another level of his/her career ,which will involve a higher demand and an increase of artiste pay,a hit song is not one that is done in a hurry because a hit song is a hit song when
(1) it is marketable/commercial
(2) it is promoted at least nation wide
(3) it is played frequently on all media platforms
(4) it is know nationwide and even worldwide
In order to get a hit song,you have to be prepared physically,spiritually, psychologically and off course financially to do that in order for your song/sound to cross boundaries, it is better you wait 1year to drop a song and it becomes a hit than to drop average songs every month..
I am not in a hurry to drop any song ,but when it drops una go love am..for now i am taking my time ,working and praying because something big is coming..say no to regional hits ...the jam don dey...we on...bless

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