When entertainers mingle, things happen and it was the case of this duo, Suaw Blaze and Kisha who are both singers and bloggers.

In what one of our reporters tagged ‘rocking rapour’ between them at the Imo International Convention Center IICC during the Endorsement of LadyG by Tuface and Now Music, it was reported that the duo were just all over each other which laid to these pictures being taken with all confidence.

The question now, is the motive of the picture as it is always usual for opposite sex in the industry to take a hit on each other during events, be it permanent or temporary.

Aside having being artistes and bloggers in common, the duo also have a history of not posting their relationships on the social media and this the closest they have been caught in what would be seen as the ‘act of dating’.

With the hall empty behind them, one would be asking if they were too early for the event or they stayed back when others had gone. If the latter is the case, what could be their motive, since none of them were among the organizers of the event?

 We will be glad to see them dating, isn’t it? But for now, we will keep an eye on them for more details.


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