With a picture Suaw Blaze surfacing on the internet earlier, On Air Personality and compere, Adannaya Ogu aka Ocheze has come out to say the news is threatening her relationship with Suaw Bleze whom she confessed to have a son for in a Whatsapp chat.

Ocheze who is uniquely endowed with size and features, further warned Kisha off ‘her man’ by writing "leave me boo alone" and then referring us to a Facebook post she made on Suaw Blaze’s birthday on May 20, 2017, calling the singer her ‘Baby Daddy’.

In the whatsapp conversation, she further stated that she has a baby for Suaw Blaze with a pictorial evidence of a mystery baby whom we have not previously heard of.

Jokes or serious, Ocheze has made it clear to Kisha who quickly made a post on her blog (www.amiboisland.com)  saying she is not in a relationship with anyone.

She wrote; “Blaze is a great guy with great talent and of course a colleague. Yes we are friends but there are no strings attached”

Although many have attributed the blog post to ‘fear of Ocheze’, which they jokingly tagged 'the beginning of wisdom for Kisha', our reporters who are analyzing the issue, see it as advert for Kisha who is openly saying 'I am single come and get me'.

Meanwhile, a chat where Shaw Blaze was calling Kisha 'boo', 'honey' and 'Sweetheart' has been leaked and even when the singer and Secretary of Imo State Bloggers Association had earlier debunked the initial news, he went on to say "Don't I have the right to precipitate feelings for someone? Am I not a man? Aren't we adults? But the point is, Kisha and I are surprised at this release (on www.otowngist.com)"

With Ocheze pushing further to fend Kisha off the supposed relationship she has with Suaw Blaze, the Amibo Madam (Kisha) who wanted to show that she cannot be intimated by Ocheze’s size and unending posts said; “I don't need a child to keep Suaw Blaze”.

What we are yet to verify is the real identity of the baby Ocheze is posing as her son, while we are still digging to find out her true relationship with Suaw Blaze.

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