One time Nigeria High Life Artiste of the Year Award winner at the Nigerian Music Awards [NMA], Ugo Stevenson took to Facebook to lament the current death alerts he has been receiving from friends, prophets and prophetesses.
According to the Imo State born highlife artiste, actor and activist he had earlier ignored the alerts and caution messages from his loved ones until it got to an extent where he could no longer live with it in silence.

Ugo Stevenson

High-life artistes, Ugo Stevenson who in 2008 clinched Nigeria High-Life Artiste of the Year Award at  Nigerian Music Award (NMA), will be plus-one on March 10, 2014.
The singer who had been a frontline soldier in the battle to better the lives of Imo State based entertainers is also the CEO of All Igbo Music Awards [Ekwe Awards] which was held last December in Ebonyi State.