I keep recalling how he made me feel, the times we spent together, how he made me smile and why we split. Maybe I overreacted by saying I was done. My pride won’t let me make the call but I didn’t have much pride left so I went crawling back.

Many times we are so emotionally attached to someone that it feels like an addiction. We all have that one person we reach out to; sometimes the situation surrounding that person is not what we are really into, yet we still can’t help ourselves from bonding.

By Faithful Faith
Nigeria as a country has more than 250 ethnic groups some of this groups has similar culture or traditions while some are direct opposite of themselves. Although, in time pass there are traditions that had been abolished due to the brutality associated with them. The killing of twins was one of those. Sincerely, there are still some funny traditions, that are repulsive, but the happy truth is that the numbers of those adhering to such traditions are reducing by the day.

It is always easy for a man to have a girlfriend everywhere he goes but the main issue is for him to know how to handle the accumulation in the future. Some men have up to two or three girls in all there locations, while their permanent residences can boast of a number higher than that.

By Faithful Faith
Those who lost mate in death can also in a period in their life remain single, the same is also applicable to those couple who later get divorce or who are permanently separated. Whatever the category you fall, you can still get the best out of life irrespective of the challenges your situation presents. There are those who by choice, prefer not to get married, but prefer singleness.

Dear Sisters,

With the Christmas euphoria fading and January running deeper and deeper, the New Year is becoming old and the old things we previous dropped on our New Year resolutions are gradually finding their ways back into our lives.

Dear Sisters,

What a lovely week it is for us and how well the year has been going for us. Well, it has not been too well in the voice of some people but if you can read this, the year has been too well for you because you are alive and strong.

This week, I want to steer this letter to a different direction because I don’t want the emotions of the sisters to be the only thing we can trade on. Today, we will be looking at something really unserious! Social media.

Christmas is not really one of the best titles people want to read at this point in the year, because to many, it hold nothing but sorry and regret. They have watched themselves lose everything in a space of one or two weeks in the name of the celebration of the birth of a man whom they don’t even know.