Have you ever wondered how the world was run when there was nothing like money? Did you ever ask what the value of virtues like gratitude, love, kindness and friendship were? They used to be earned, now they can be bought.

Most men are bunch of cowards who cannot offer a complete sentence to lady without digits in it. Ladies became and the digits turned password to their legs. Even when we knew this, we have never stopped to ask if we can fix it.

Hell no! Letting your friend date an ex is more like watching your friends reach the highest level on a game you couldn’t play and on the other hand where they can’t handle it, you feel like they are damaging everything you have built.

Each time I hear love, I wonder what it means. Loving someone is a strange feeling and sometimes people don’t really understand it and that is why they make mistakes today.

Just like a child falls in love with the mother especially and later with other people that are mostly around him, that is love. It is selfish and carters for only those in the heart. It is tender and thinks cool and soft of them, always without evil.

Yesterday? Does it matter? So will many say especially the male folks. Women have their bits of the sins of yesterdays but this is not about them, but mostly against them.

Some men can mostly brag that they have never wronged a woman in their younger years, while others will only have the sin of not being able to count the number of ladies they have wronged in the name of using and dumping.

All men cheat! That is the justification for every man that is cheating on his women today and there has never been a single reason to contradict that short phrase.

Women often use this as their defense when they don’t give their all in a relationship and some men who understood what it means to be in charge, often use it as a reason to cheat more and more.

I just hope that this will not get me into trouble of any kind because it seems I am not trying to mind my business here. Hello sisters, please forgive me in advance if I end up saying something that will hurt somebody. Always remember that I have already apologized, so don’t ask for it again.

While I was growing up, I saw my friends address girls as people with ‘fish brain’ without even understanding what they meant until I was forced to consult my Modern Biology textbook and saw how tiny that brain was.

I am bouncing back after missing out last week, but it will be very unfair to start with pride, so I am very sorry for that and I appreciate those who called in to know why it had to be so. It was just due to a situation I could not change, but we are here now, so thanks for being here and thank God for everything.