Dear Bro Fuston,
God is using you mightily in bringing peace and stability in some relationship, thanks for your good works.
We are both bankers, but do not work  in the same bank, we met in Lagos during a seminar organized by Central Bank of Nigeria.

Dear Bro Fuston,
There is need for me to share this burden with you for proper admonition so that I don't rope myself into what will trouble me perpetually.
My relationship is smooth and I must confess that to you. My girl-friend is the dream of any man who desires a peaceful home. I have known her for10 years, though I am five years older than her but we grew up on the same street. She has three sisters and they are all vey beautiful. I never knew I will develop the kind of love and passion I have for her.

I enjoy the way you address the problems being presented to you by people. That is what motivated me to seek your advice on an issue perturbing me for about three months I receive the information.
My lover is very Godly, but you need to see him get angry. He can pull down a house or even snuff life out of one in an extreme provocation.
He is a different person from his calm and gentle self when pushed to the walls. It appears something else takes over him when he fumes and that unseen being remote-controls him until he is done with whatever action he embarks on.

I can't count the number of times I heard the bell ring in the church, but I'll always believe every Sunday is the same any time I hear that bell. So is this story, one which you probably have heard, experienced or even witnessed.
For the sake of this story, my name will be 'I and me' or any other word or phrase that will be referring to me. I wish to keep my name off the story and I wish not to pick a name from the baskets of this world, because if that name happens to be yours, then this story might as well be yours.

By Chinwe Uzoechi

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Hi Brother Fuston,
I am at the moment faced with the armies of Pharaoh and the Red Sea and to take decision now is the toughest challenge facing me. My young family is in tatters, yet I can't think straight. My siblings are poised for a show-down. They are demanding to know what my wife is still doing in my house. The pressure is coming more from my first sister and her husband who saw me through the university and also facilitated my employment in one of the leading banks in the country.

Dear Bro Fuston,
A budding, enterprising but randy young Nigerian of Igbo extraction, in his twenties left his country in the fifties to the then Gold Coast in search of a better life. He was employed as a casual worker in a gold mine. I was told he first had an affair which later led to marriage with an Ashanti woman, that marriage never succeeded. He tried his hands on about three other marriages but none was able to survive the test of time.