By Chinwe Uzoechi

The solution for low libido may be far simpler than earlier thought. Set the Viagra aside. For, as the experts reveal, many of our daily habits - from the cold remedies we use to the food we eat - could be behind that flagging libido.
Check out the not-to-eat-drink list to boost your sex drive.

Dear Bro Fuston,
A budding, enterprising but randy young Nigerian of Igbo extraction, in his twenties left his country in the fifties to the then Gold Coast in search of a better life. He was employed as a casual worker in a gold mine. I was told he first had an affair which later led to marriage with an Ashanti woman, that marriage never succeeded. He tried his hands on about three other marriages but none was able to survive the test of time.

Dear Bro. Fuston,
I am a graduate of mass communication for from one of the prestigious universities in our country Nigeria.
I am 28 years old and I tested HIV positive two years ago. I still look very beautiful and healthy because I have been religious with my drugs.
It was so burdensome on me when I first realised that I am living with HIV, at some point I contemplated suicide but I have a great mum and a wonderful brother they have shown unquantifiable love to me. It was not easy but with the help of my mum, my brother and my doctor who also is my counselor I have been able to cope with life.

Dear Bro Fuston,
I am in a fix right now. My mind is blank on what I should do. Why do bad things happen to good people?
I have tried to be very circumspect in my dealings with men since my growing up days, till this time I am 24 years. As I write I never envisaged that life could toss my marriage to-and-fro like a table tennis ball. At first I was wondering what could have been responsible for an Igbo man of 42 years (what he told me, he may be older) not getting married.
I enquired and he told me that as the first son of his father who was a poor old farmer in their village, he assisted in the training of his younger siblings and at a later time had his own schooling when he migrated to the US. I believed his story hook, line and sinker and even empathized with him because one can hardly spot the lies in his statement. He mixes the truth with lies and uses this weapon wickedly.

Dear Fuston,
I must categorically state that God has failed me in my marriage. Fox nine whole years I have been calling on Him to wipe out my hot tears with at least a gift of a baby, but for these number of years I have never been Pregnant for only I week let alone having a baby.
Each month I see my mensural period and throughout the days it will flow I feel like taking my own life. Childlessness in marriage is the last thing I can wish my enemy, it is tormentious, its burdens are dangerously heavy, its stigma and ridicule come heavier on me the woman whether she is responsible for the childlessness or not. Most times when I see two or three persons talking in a low tone o feel they are discussing my situation I am not happy because there is no child of my own that run around the house and jump on the sofa. There are times some friends tell me I am beautiful but inside I always feel miserable.


By Chinwe Uzoechi

“When you aren't getting the sex you want, what you do about it? According to hundreds of women I've interviewed over the years, the answer is anything that doesn't actually involve asking for it. Instead, we collect tricks and techniques from experts and friends-and then we'll try anything from non-verbal sexual feedback meant to flatter his unconscious, to manipulative mind games that are meant to 'train' him. But why make the process so complicated? Simply telling him what you like and where you like it is a huge turn-on for most men. What they're after is great sex-and what's more, they're desperate to know how to give it to you, too.


Dear Bro. Fuston,
I have been regularly reading your column every Friday in Nigeria Newspoint. It is my favorite. Sometime last year you condemned the act of masturbation when advising a lady that wrote you that she masturbates. But not long ago I read in the papers where a renowned and respected man of God spoke in favour of the act. There is also something I have noticed each time I masturbate. I have this great feeling of relief from a particular grip which I can't really explain.