Good morning Bro. Fuston,
I met  this guy and we began dating and after sometime he proposed to marry me and I accepted because I love him and not only that, he is handsome and also very sexually fit.
As time goes on, rumours started filtering into my ears that my lover is a married man with kids. When I approached him with this report he denied it vehemently but I insisted that we should go and meet with his parents, he refused. All he kept telling me was to get pregnant for him which I knew was not possible because of the situation of things at hand. Recently, we had a serious quarrel and I broke up with him and began to go out with another guy who seems to love me and has introduced me to his parents as his wife--to-be.

Dear Bro. Fuston,
I am in a serious dilemma. My marriage is about crumbling and I am depending on you to know the right thing to do save it. But please I must beg you to reasonably put into consideration my feelings which are the driving force in whatever action I have taken.
My growing up was chequered. I became a mother at the age of 19, three years after my marriage. I got married as a virgin and my marriage is now 13 years and I have a son in the primary school and he is 10 years old.