Each time I hear love, I wonder what it means. Loving someone is a strange feeling and sometimes people don’t really understand it and that is why they make mistakes today.

Just like a child falls in love with the mother especially and later with other people that are mostly around him, that is love. It is selfish and carters for only those in the heart. It is tender and thinks cool and soft of them, always without evil.

All men cheat! That is the justification for every man that is cheating on his women today and there has never been a single reason to contradict that short phrase.

Women often use this as their defense when they don’t give their all in a relationship and some men who understood what it means to be in charge, often use it as a reason to cheat more and more.

Some men think their underwear is already under and has nothing to say about them or will never affect them in anyway. When I hear such thoughts, I just laugh and call those people ‘learners’. The choice of underwear is always about preference, what is affordable and the trending fashion. Most people often put comfort last and this is wrong.

Just like a woman, a man’s underwear say so much about him and should be one important aspect of his fashion life. It is also so funny to note that in terms of statistics, men buy the lowest number of underwear, and sometimes, a man could go through a year with as low as five boxers and two pairs of socks.

I am bouncing back after missing out last week, but it will be very unfair to start with pride, so I am very sorry for that and I appreciate those who called in to know why it had to be so. It was just due to a situation I could not change, but we are here now, so thanks for being here and thank God for everything.

I often hear people emphasize on the saying that ‘you are addressed, the way you dress’ and I just wonder how true this could be. Do you believe that?
Some things which were initially reserved for crazy people have become the order of the day just because a celebrity endorsed them.
The Mario Baloteli haircut, Kanye West’s torn sweater, sagging of trousers, wearing suit with sneakers and all of it used to be wrong until they were made right by celebrities who went beyond that saying to even make money from these seeming acts of madness.

Last week, it was about what is right and wrong in choosing an underwear but this week, we will be looking at the dangers of persistently wearing a dirty underwear by men. It is not a conditional thing and there will never be an acceptable excuse for any man wearing dirty boxers or socks any time any day.

As a kid, I asked myself “why do I nedd to choose this from that when I can have them all. I felt like I would grow up and become ‘every man’. A little of a doctor, engineer, teacher and every other profession I loved. The truth is that I wanted to be good at all of them and it actually affected my concentration on a particular thing. I am not a jack of all trades and master of none anyway.