I once knew a 12 years old girl called Jess who was usually very playful, outspoken and sweet except in the presence of male folks especially the house boy who was over 20 years as at that time. No one knew the reason for this type of behavior. Therefore, it was seen as a result of strict disciplinary measures on the part of her family which I disagreed with anyway. However, the truth came to light on the day Jess' aunt came to visit and slept in Jess' room.

You might have noticed your child wanting to go out whenever he wants or not wanting to share information with you. He might also want more privacy, might not want to communicate with you as much as he used to and spend a lot more time on his appearance, clothes and hair.
Do not be afraid because your child could only be a youth undergoing some phase, who could use some help.

A peer group is both a social and primary group of people that share similar interest, age, background and social status.
Peer group is not confined to any particular age bracket; thus, we all at sometime belong to a peer group.
However, the need to identify with one peer group or the other whether in school or outside the school, heightens in adolescence. Thus, membership in peer groups is a powerful force during adolescence.
Peer groups exert a powerful influence on the adolescent and the impact of this peer pressure can be positive as well as negative.

Partying is a lot of fun for people of all ages; Teenagers are no exception. The idea of partying to teenagers varies from clubbing to attending a concert, festival, birthday parties, variety shows, pool parties and beach parties.
For a teenager, there are so many risks involved in partying, but, one can stay safe and still have a good time if well informed about safe partying.

A teen is a person within the age range of thirteen and twenty. The teenage period can also be referred to as the adolescent period.
In trying to discuss adolescence, some people confuse the adolescence and puberty by using them synonymously.
However, puberty refers to the physiological changes involved in the sexual maturation of a child as well as the body changes that occur during this period.

On impulse, many will reply No! But on a second careful thought, one can agree otherwise.
Single parenting is a two-way thing depending on how you look at it. And either way, the one who receives or deals with the result is the child.
An adolescent needs all the love, cares, attention and discipline he can get from the parents or parent.

If this article is published, just know that I am grateful for getting the opportunity to share this great burden with people.
I am a young man and for the sake of security my name  will be ‘I’ or ‘Ai’. I am fairly popular among my folks and I also believe that I have done enough to be known amongst people I have and will never come in contact with. The summary is that I am a fair celebrity.