Bros, Happy New Year,
Perplexity is a mild word, I wouldn't say if I am bewildered or shocked.
Sometimes in my quiet moment, I remember the bond of love that existed in our family, especially between my father and mother, and how this love has been torn into shreds, leading to fighting, bickering and quarreling.
I cannot find the reason why my father, a 66 year old man, is bent on marrying another wife, not just a second wife, but a girl much younger than him and also my ex-girlfriend.

Dear Bro. Fuston,
I have always prayed for a successful man, a man who is God-fearing as my husband, and last year, I got one.
We only courted for two months and wedded, now, I am four months pregnant for him.
I began noticing some strange behaviour in him immediately I moved into his house after our wedding, and this whole behaviour proves that the man I married is a drug addict.

Hi, Bro. Fuston
I am bringing to you the best of Christmas and new year ahead.
Someone I know sent a letter to you stating her problems, it's up to three months now she has been waiting for your reply, and it is disappointed you have not replied the letter.

Dear Bro. Fuston
Compliments of the season. I have elected to bare my mind to you since I can no longer continue to keep the issue to myself. It has been troubling me and I have been sick for the same reason and that is why I want to speak to you about it.
Another thing is that, I wouldn't know what you will make of me; you may probably consider me wayward or loose. This is about my future and happiness.

Dear Bro. Fuston
I am 19 years, there is this guy that has been professing love to me.
We have known each other for some weeks and he told me that he has a girlfriend, but wouldn't want to lose me. I love him, but my confusion is, if he really loves me like he claims.

Bro. Fuston,
Happy New Near. I have been finding it uneasy to say it out, but I have to do so because I need your advice.
I have someone I intend to marry. We have known each other for some years now. Last year Easter, I proposed to her, but her response was that she will pray over it, and till date, she is praying over my proposal, meanwhile we are communicating effectively.

Dear Bro. Fuston,
I don't know who, or where to run to. It's like the world is collapsing on top of me. The people I so trusted sold me out, and as it is, I have no where to go.