A peer group is both a social and primary group of people that share similar interest, age, background and social status.
Peer group is not confined to any particular age bracket; thus, we all at sometime belong to a peer group.
However, the need to identify with one peer group or the other whether in school or outside the school, heightens in adolescence. Thus, membership in peer groups is a powerful force during adolescence.
Peer groups exert a powerful influence on the adolescent and the impact of this peer pressure can be positive as well as negative.

A teen is a person within the age range of thirteen and twenty. The teenage period can also be referred to as the adolescent period.
In trying to discuss adolescence, some people confuse the adolescence and puberty by using them synonymously.
However, puberty refers to the physiological changes involved in the sexual maturation of a child as well as the body changes that occur during this period.

Dear Bros. Fuston,
I still do not know why this world is full of envy and hatred. The worst, being that this hatred comes from people you have assisted.
Someone like me hardly visits my husband's village, because, stepping my foot in that compound means trouble for me throughout the time I will stay there.

If this article is published, just know that I am grateful for getting the opportunity to share this great burden with people.
I am a young man and for the sake of security my name  will be ‘I’ or ‘Ai’. I am fairly popular among my folks and I also believe that I have done enough to be known amongst people I have and will never come in contact with. The summary is that I am a fair celebrity.

Dear Bro. Fuston,
I have been enduring a particular bad behaviour from my hubby, and I want to seek advice from you because it is no more what I can handle.
He loves me, no doubt, but I think womanizing is in his blood. His father, a well-known traditional ruler, is a chronic womanizer. All his brothers and even uncles have one nasty story of amorous acts or the other hanging on their necks and my hubby is not an exception.

Valentine's Day has long been hugely popular as a romantic tradition despite its ancient and unseemly origins. So what's wrong with celebrating this holiday?
Valentine's Day is all about showing "love," giving a card or flowers or chocolates to a loved one. All of that's good, right? Wrong.

Dear Bro. Fuston
I am a married woman, and there is a problem bothering me.
Please, I want to know if it is wrong for the wife to demand sex from her husband. I am asking because each time I make such demand, my husband thinks I am promiscuous.