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Dear Bro. Fuston,
I have been enduring a particular bad behaviour from my hubby, and I want to seek advice from you because it is no more what I can handle.
He loves me, no doubt, but I think womanizing is in his blood. His father, a well-known traditional ruler, is a chronic womanizer. All his brothers and even uncles have one nasty story of amorous acts or the other hanging on their necks and my hubby is not an exception.

Dear Bro. Fuston
I am a married woman, and there is a problem bothering me.
Please, I want to know if it is wrong for the wife to demand sex from her husband. I am asking because each time I make such demand, my husband thinks I am promiscuous.

By Chinwe Uzoechi

Lesbianism is a much debated topic now-a-days
Orthodox minded people and religions often get furious on the thought of lesbianism as they believe that this practice is an attempt to rewrite all the conventional attitudes of people regarding sexual life. Some ladies have been fed many lies; such as it's safe ,no pregnancy is involved, no heart break , no sexual transmitted diseases can be contracted to mention a few. while they so called lesbians try to woo them into seeing the benefits of becoming one, thereby neglecting the health hazards that is associated with this act. The woman brings to you the possible risk in this unholy act.

It has been said that 80 percent of women who do not live together with their husbands as a result of distance are largely unfaithful to their spouses, while 20 percent give in to masturbation; as their spouses often encourage them to use toys in order to remain faithful. The Woman had a chat with some women to whose husbands are faraway to know how they cope with their 'overseas' or 'Diasporan' husbands,

Bros, Happy New Year,
Perplexity is a mild word, I wouldn't say if I am bewildered or shocked.
Sometimes in my quiet moment, I remember the bond of love that existed in our family, especially between my father and mother, and how this love has been torn into shreds, leading to fighting, bickering and quarreling.
I cannot find the reason why my father, a 66 year old man, is bent on marrying another wife, not just a second wife, but a girl much younger than him and also my ex-girlfriend.

Some entertainers have said that no relationship blogged will ever last. Do you believe that?
Entertainers have been known as people with the worst relationships even when the cause of that is not their making in most cases.

Dear Bro. Fuston,
I have always prayed for a successful man, a man who is God-fearing as my husband, and last year, I got one.
We only courted for two months and wedded, now, I am four months pregnant for him.
I began noticing some strange behaviour in him immediately I moved into his house after our wedding, and this whole behaviour proves that the man I married is a drug addict.