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Dear Bro Fuston,
 I guess the recent miscarriage I had is as a result of the forceful way my husband makes love to me, he bounces on me and starts devouring me as if I am a cheap harlot. I lost a three month old pregnancy the next morning after his usual pounding the previous night.

Dear Bro Fuston,
I recently had the opportunity to read your column and truly I was pleased by the way you answer questions presented to you.
I have a problem which I want to share with you, believing that respite will come my way through your advice.
Apart from my marriage vow to my husband, which re-echoes each time my minds runs wild, he showed me lots of love when he was healthy. He is in his present condition because of his love for me.

Dear Bro Fuston,
Goodmorning & God bless you.
Something has been disturbing my mind for sometime now and of late it has started giving me sleepless nights.
Sometime last year I met this lady, she never told me her age but I guess she should be around 38-40 years and that accounts for her being desperate to marry.

Dear Bro Fuston,
You are quite amazing in what you do and I owe lots of gratitude to you for saving my marriage.
My husband and his people are greatly surprised that peace returned in our home, it was after reading your advice to one Kate who wrote you from Port Harcourt that I decided to soft pedal and move on with life.

Dear Bro Fuston,
I am a lady of 28 years who is in love with a widower that is 36 years.
He was married for three years, his wife died during child birth, but the baby boy who is six years now survived and lives with my lover's mother in-law in Lagos.

Dear Bro Fuston,
Kindly help me answer this question. My friends are discouraging me from going on with a guy who is serious about marrying me.
There only reason is that he is fat, and that will push me into extra-marital relationship because according to them fat men usually have small penis that can hardly satisfy a woman sexually and that such men do not have enough stamina to last in the act.

Dear Bro Fuston,
I no longer find this attitude funny, but I indulge in it to please my fiancé because he enjoys doing it.
The first time he had sex with me, his cousin who is almost his age mate was there, then he was staying in one room self content and his cousin came visiting from Kano.