Dear Bro Fuston,
He is from an obscure and remote community in Ebonyi State, many of the people in this community still do things that are considered quite primitive by people of other areas today.

Dear Bro Fuston,
Your column is always a delight, and I don't miss it every Friday.
Pease, help me solve this problem. I have a boy friend who spends money on me anyhow, but right inside me I know I do not love him.

Dear Bro Fuston,
As it is, I need a strong shoulder to learn on and I have considered you worthy to assist me.
How I wish it’s all a dream; how I wish I can wake up only to discover that it is a mirage. I am being tormented mentally mostly when I remember the type of love I shared with my husband from the days we courted till the time we had our second daughter.




Dear Bro Fuston,
Something worries me so much and I felt I can share it with you.
I am into a relationship with a guy of 32 years and we have been dating for two years or more now. He graduated last four years without a permanent job and this has been troubling him more than anything.

Hi Bro Fuston,
I want to share my long time burden with you so that I can have peace.
There is this girl I love so much and it’s been over three years I have been disturbing her but she was with another man. She is currently in 100 Level in a higher institution.


Dear Bro Fuston,
Thank you for making available this platform for sorrowful minds like me to offload their burdens. It shall be well with you and your family.
Sir, my burden is too heavy for me to bear alone, I am being shattered emotionally almost every week. I have been hurt over and over again by the only man I gave my heart, body and soul, and for over six years I have been suffering in silence, not letting anyone into my predicaments for the sole reason that they may mock me and discourage me from going ahead with the relationship.




Dear Bro Fuston,
My story is a shameful one and I am aware of it. I am scared to my marrows because if my husband gets to hear or know about it, then I am finished. My greatest worry is not the disaffection or enemity it will cause between him and his elder brother but what will become of me and my children if eventually he knows about it and throws me out in the streets.