It is always easy for a man to have a girlfriend everywhere he goes but the main issue is for him to know how to handle the accumulation in the future. Some men have up to two or three girls in all there locations, while their permanent residences can boast of a number higher than that.

The ladies give him that comfort whenever he is around and in most cases, he takes the whole thing to any new level making them believe they are potential life partners for him. Some are good at it, that they have a good time table for keeping in touch in a way that the lady will never know that she is just a ‘side chick’ in the game.

While some ladies are aware of their roles in the game, they just take the material benefits he provides and go their way, while some others live in the illusion that one day, 'Mr. Right Now’ will come and sweep their feet away with a diamond ring or just a ring.

Accumulation of girlfriends does not really happen when a man decides to keep girls here and there, it could be from the ladies who often run when things get rosy. Yes! There are ladies who fear commitment so much that they tend to bail the moment they see they are falling in love with a guy.

This is the greatest confusions guys face in most cases and it might be that you love her so much but would never know why she has refused to see you again. In cases like this, there is always nothing you can do.

Making of the Ghosts
It is funny to say that people lose contact in this age, but it is still happening. It actually happened more way back when there were nothing like phones and social media. People often meet, date for a while and then lose contacts, as a result of relocation and change of phone numbers.

Phone thefts and others contribute to it and when you wait and wait to no avail, the guy moves on and probably gets another girl in his life which is normal.

Most of the people who were teens in the 90s are victims of this because there was nothing like phones then. You often hear testimonies of guys like, “I wish I could find her, she was the best thing that ever happened to me”

Others let their relationships fade as a result of slight quarrel and they can also blame distance and the fact that they might not really be seeing each other in the next ten years. Some men have plenty of this in their lives and as they steer through life to achieve a perfect relationship, they would never know that these girls might someday bump into them again and it could be problematic then.

 And the ghosts appear
I know ladies won’t find it funny because I am referring to them as ghosts, but my reason is simple that in most cases, the guy has forgotten the lady. Practically and emotionally she is ‘dead to you’ and every single memory of her has been packed in the remotest place in your heart.

When suddenly she appears, looking better and lovelier than she used to be, she could stir up an imbalance in your life, making you want to compare the past and the present.

Yes! She might still be that lovely and everything you have wished her to be in the future. She might just be your future served on a platter in the present because to you; she is a complete angel long gone to grow her wings.

You could be right or wrong but that would be something a gamble in your life could determine. Switching to the resurfaced girl is mostly like cashing in on the principle that ‘the devil you know is better than the angel that you don’t know’.

There is no guarantee that it will work but the truth still remains, that even though people learn new habits as they grow, who they originally are is usually who they still remain in the ground state. But what if she is no longer existing in that ground state?

It is always good to know what relationship that is still open in your life and also know what you are hoping to bounce back to. Many men are happily married to one of the ‘ghosts of their girlfriends past’ and just because it worked for Mr. A, does not mean it will work for Mr. B.

We should open our eyes and get to know that person again to see if they have really changed into what we would never want. Even when the past can determine the future, they are still two different places. We draw lessons from one and then live in the other.

For married men, also understand that you have made your choice and don’t try to get a taste of your old time sweet heart. Some men often lie that they are still single just make her yield to their sexual demands. It will be bad to welcome an old friend with a heartbreak. She deserves more.

Some ‘ghosts’ are angels, others are just what their names mean, so be as careful as you can be, it is the man we are.

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