By Faithful Faith
Those who lost mate in death can also in a period in their life remain single, the same is also applicable to those couple who later get divorce or who are permanently separated. Whatever the category you fall, you can still get the best out of life irrespective of the challenges your situation presents. There are those who by choice, prefer not to get married, but prefer singleness.

I know of a friend, who never appreciated the idea of getting married and raising a family with a man, but she prefers single mother. She does not want to be under the law of any man, irrespective of the offer.  Such a fellow perhaps, has grown immunity to the challenges.

That aside, some indeed remain single as a result of still in search of the right partner and in the process of searching or waiting they are engross in thought, depression and most time A LOOSE LIFE. This is evident mostly with the men’s folk, younger men especially.

The idea of sampling a lot of ladies before getting the right mate to them is a welcome act. Unfortunately for them, they are in want of heart and empty inside. As for the the female folks who fall prey to them, they also end up in regrets and feeling defeated. In reality, there are better approach to Living Single either for a while or forever. Now when I say forever, I mean those who lost their mate in death or those who gave up marriage in divorce with no intention of getting hooked again and those who never nurse the thought of marrying.

I have outline eight ways in which those who are single can enjoy themselves and their current state irrespective of the cultural background, religious beliefs and level of exposure.

Appreciate your existence in this world.
Show yourself a huge love.
Never give room to frustration and depression, as this will let you down.
Give yourself a treat, even no one is there to cheer you up.
Eat well to reduce aging process.
Use skin product suitable for your skin type and weather condition.
Wear clothes that fit your body shape, but please always look neat and presenting.

Keep friends that respect your marital status, not gossips.
Your friends should be those that shares same perception of life with you, not those who are myopic in thoughts.
Never keep friends that make you feel unfortunate in life either by their speech or attitude
Remember friends are suppose to support you not dispose you.

Your self-dignity will increase when you have a means of supporting yourself.
Never expect anyone to carry your expenditure 100 percent. Don’t be fooled
Learn a skill. It can be what you enjoy most,
If you are in search of a formal Job, expect the available offer, it will surely add to your
Curriculum Vitea.
Being financially stable makes you more responsible both to yourself and people around you.

Enjoy quality time with your creator.
Choose a brand of music that suits your mood and personality.
Enjoy whole some recreation with loves.
Please never isolate yourself.
Visit places of interest, if the means of going on a trip, please do not hesitate, it can be refreshing.

Reflect on the good old days that lift your spirit, and please forget the bad past.
If you single by death, please don’t mourn forever.
Do things that would have put a smile on the face of your dead spouse. It can be so re assuring.
Care for those left behind by your late spouse, either the children or family members.
If your single state is by divorce [legalized], please don’t dwell on the things that hurt you in the former relationship.
If there were issues between you both, the custody and welfare of the children should be well documented by the law court.
Learn from your pat mistakes, as it will prepare you for future affair, if the desire is there.

Singleness gives a whole lot of room for maximum privacy.
But remember, sometime is not too safe to live alone.
Think of the benefit you deprive when you have someone to engage in a light gossip [is healthy at times], discuss the current affairs or talk on the current trend and movies. Interestly  I think…
However, if you think you’ve gone pass the age of  leaving with friends and you are in dear need of a companion, have your younger cousins, nieces or nephews come live with you or at most get an adoption.
CAUTION: please be on the lookout for friends [male or female] who want to suck you dry, after which they disappear. This especially goes out to older single ladies, who have lazy men flocking around them, professing false love.

Never think anyone is the cause of our state, as this is the common notion. Rather, make the best out of every situation you find yourself.
Your face shouldn’t speak your problem. Be cheerful, you be better off when you allow smile to replace the anxiety.
Don’t assume people gossip about, rather show respect to people no matter how insignificant it appears.
My last point is TAKING YOUR TIME.
The period of singleness create an avenue for you to truly understand yourself and your personality.
Take your time to know what you truly want for yourself.[ sincerely analysis], the quality you should develop to make a home. Also, what you expect in a future marriage mate. Lastly, this period of vacuum, infatuations will definitely be subdued. 

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