Its a Friday Night
And everybody’s feeling right
Some boys the like
To be chilling n getting high
Me n my girls we ride
Straight to d club to get inspired
We're gonna put up some heat
And then dance to d beat
I came to party! I'm letting it go!(Go)
And when i grab somebody I’m getting' down on d floor (flo!)
Bt u don't have to remind me,
its likely I might be,
high on d floor(flo!)
and ready 2go(oh oh oh)


Ladies and gentle men, you what time it is? It’s my main man’s birthday, O’town Gist, Mr Hardy, He was born today, hu! He was born today. Happy birthday bro. check it out hu!
Celebration, Jubilation, motivation on the dance florr with Ovation.
Ok, go ahead do what you want,
When your friends dey here, make them drink what they want,
H-A-P-P-Y Birth-D-A-Y, do they wanna know me, H-A-R-D-Y bro,
God bless the day when you were born,